Experience of use Keramin

The experience of using the Keramin cream by Dorina de Arad

Psoriasis before and after treatment with Keramin cream

I have suffered from psoriasis since childhood. Sometimes my entire body was covered in disgusting pink patches and scaly patches. I cannot express how many tears I shed until I learned to live with this disease. Over the years, I have tried many medications, and while some are very good, they have all only had a temporary effect. It was especially difficult in the summer, when it was necessary to wear closed clothes in the heat.

How I discovered the Keramin cream

Thanks to Keramin I can wear revealing clothes again

On the next relapse, the doctor advised me to try the new Keramin cream. So I went to the official website and I myself looked at the review of the composition, how to use it, read the reviews. I really didn't believe an herbal ointment was as effective as they write about it, but there was nowhere to go, the plaques grew quickly and caused a lot of problems.

My experience with Keramin

The course of treatment lasted two months, as directed by the doctor. I applied the cream in the morning and at night, according to the instructions. Within the first two weeks of use, Keramin stopped the growth of psoriasis, relieved the symptoms and the size of the spots began to decrease. The effect was especially noticeable on the chest, where there were more plaques. After another two weeks, small blemishes disappeared, only small scars remained. After the treatment ended, my skin looked like new, as if psoriasis didn't exist. Now I'm really happy that I can wear revealing clothes and not be ashamed of my body.